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This is a course about management and risks: what you should take into account to ensure safe and effective operation of the company
About the course
This course describes how a company should be managed and what elements of corporate governance are essential to establish an effective management system. A management system is closely related to risk assessment. The course explores the nature of risks and introduces various approaches to identify risks and respond appropriately. You will learn how to develop the right mindset for successful risk management
What are internal controls? The course explains the relationship between internal controls and risk management. It will show you how to design and implement internal controls, and at the same time maintain good business ethics without losing efficiency. Most importantly, this course teaches you how to think — so that it benefits your business and employees. You will learn how to ask the right questions at the right time to become a strong manager
What will you learn?
After you have completed this course, you will understand the concept of internal controls and know how to design and implement them whether you manage a department or the entire business. As soon as you have fully grasped the overall approach, you can make use of these ideas at any position and in any industry
Who is the course for?
This course is for students and anyone interested in corporate governance and risk management. It is the right choice if you aspire to become an effective manager and expert. Please note: for this course you will need an intermediate level of English or above
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Course program
Module 1. Corporate Governance
  • What is corporate governance? Its components
  • Types of corporate governance
  • Connection to risks
Module 2. Risks and Risks Management System
  • How to identify possible risks and respond to them?
Module 3. Internal Controls Design and Implementation
  • What are internal controls? Types of control in an organization
  • Restrictions and efficiency of internal controls
Module 4. Testing of Internal Controls
  • Approaches and procedures of controls testing
  • Documentation
  • Specific of financial audit
  • Audit ethics
Lecture examples
1 — What is corporate governance?
12 — Internal controls: definition and objectives
Member of ACCA, senior lecturer at UNECON
Evgeniya Fanta
Saint Petersburg State University of Economics
Course Details
92 academic hours
Saint Petersburg State University of Economics
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