Introduction to Crystal Chemistry

During this course we will introduce you to the primary terms and general concepts of crystallography and crystal chemistry, used by chemists and physicists all over the world.

This course includes:
– translational and rotational symmetry in crystals,
– guidelines of crystal structure description,
– general concepts of crystallography and crystal chemistry,
– discussion of isostructural and isomorphous compounds.

All lectures in the course are in English. You can turn on Russian subtitles in case you need to check your translation. Tests in the course are only in English.

17 video lectures 5 tests
1 task
1 final test

Программа курса

Topic 1.1. Symmetry around us
Topic 1.2. Symmetry elements in crystals
Topic 1.3. Interaction of symmetry elements
Topic 2.1. Point symbols
Topic 2.2. How to determine the symmetry of a crystal?
Topic 2.3. Curie’s principle
Topic 3.1. Translations and crystal lattice
Topic 3.2. Crystal system
Topic 3.3. Bravais lattices
Topic 3.4. Open symmetry elements. Spatial symmetry group
Topic 3.5. Wyckoff positions
Topic 4.1. Analysis of the structure of the molecular crystal
Topic 4.2. Analysis of the structure of a crystal chain
Topic 4.3. Analysis of the structure of the layered crystal
Topic 5.1. Isomorphic and isostructural crystals
Topic 5.2. The principle of maximum space filling
Topic 5.3. Closest ball packing


Savchenkov A.V.

Dr., associate professor at chair of inorganic chemistry.

Klepov V.V.

Dr., assistant lecturer at chair of inorganic chemistry.

Medvedkov Ya.A.

Assistant lecturer at chair of inorganic chemistry.

Serezhkin V.N.

Prof., head of chair of inorganic chemistry.

Как будет проходить обучение

Как только начнется курс, зарегистрировавшиеся участники получат приглашение на электронную почту.
В зависимости от формата обучения курс будет доступен сразу или каждая глава будет открываться согласно расписанию.
В курсе предусмотрены проверочные задания, которые имеют строгие сроки выполнения и влияют на получение сертификата.
Во время обучения вы можете общаться с сокурсниками на форуме.

The course is developed for high school students and bachelor’s students. It will be of particular interest to those studying chemistry, physics, material’s science, geology and mineralogy.

Длительность курса
5 weeks
Стоимость и условия участия
The course is free of charge. You have to register to participate.
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