International Portfolio Management

They say, that the founding father of modern portfolio theory, Harry Markowitz, did for investment industry what Wright brothers did for aviation: developed basic model which made it all possible. Portfolio industry has since gone a long way. As Markowitz says himself, although the principles of flight have remained the same, today we know how to take three hundred people, take them 10 000 meters above the ground to get to the point thousands kilometers away; and in the air we serve them coffee, tea and drinks. Our course is about how the current portfolio management industry differs from the model [Markowitz, 1952b], and how to learn to master it on your own using Mythbusters' method and R project as our home financial laboratory.

Students who have completed the course will know the most advanced portfolio management techniques to be used within active, passive and semi-active approaches to investments; they will be able to understand both scientific and professional literature on portfolio management, they will not go astray either in modern terminology, in mathematical notation, or in R language listings, which we’ll use to reproduce algorithms under study; master (if they have the access to the platform) Bloomberg functionality of portfolio optimization and analysis, approaches to conducting empirical experiments and backtests, ways to assess the effectiveness of various approaches in portfolio management.

Курс создан на английском языке для того, чтобы студент курса научился разговаривать на международном финансовом языке, мог свободно ориентироваться в функционале программ Bloomberg и RStudio и оперировал терминами, которые находятся в словаре у любого профессиональном портфельного управляющего. Не уверены в своем английском? Все видеоматериалы курса содержат русские субтитры, а письменные материалы и задания выполнены на двух языках.

30 videos 5 tests 1 final test
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Программа курса

1. Big Picture
2. Model of the User
3. Instruments
4. The Industry
5. Factor Philosophy
6. The Future of the Industry
1. Brinson–Hood–Beebower Study
2. Fundamental Law of Investing
3. Performance Ratios
4. Holdings-based attribution
5. Returns-based attribution
6. Backtests
1. Allocation Algorithms
2. Markowitz and beyond
3. Drawbacks of MVO
4. Robust inputs
5. Optimization in the Real World
1. Black–Litterman approach
2. Portfolios from Sorts
3. Scenarios vs. Optimization
4. Copula opinion pooling
5. Benchmarking
1. Indexation
2. Data-driven active investments
3. Theory-driven active investments: technical theories
4. Theory-driven active investments: fundamental theories
5. Hedge Funds
6. Sector Rotation
7. Tilted Allocation / Smart Beta
8. Managing Alpha


Alexander Didenko

PhD in Economics, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Scientific interests: portfolio models; econophysics, financial markets and complexity; asset pricing and volatility modelling; rationality of investment managers and analysts; green economics; applications of data envelopment analysis in economics, management and finance.

Как будет проходить обучение

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В курсе предусмотрены проверочные задания, которые имеют строгие сроки выполнения и влияют на получение сертификата.
Во время обучения вы можете общаться с сокурсниками на форуме.
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Masters in Finance, Engineering, Mathematical Disciplines.

«Advanced» bachelors of 2–4 years of study.

Professionals in the financial industry who want to upgrade their skills.

Programmers wishing to qualify in the investment industry.

Длительность курса
5 weeks
Стоимость и условия участия
The course is free of charge. You have to register to participate.

Сертификаты и бонусы

Master students of Financial University who had completed «star problems set» would have additional benefits at their offline courses in University.
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