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Piotr Faliszewski

AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland.


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The importance of diversity and inclusion to start-ups cannot be stressed enough. As a result, 76% of job seekers and employees consider these issues when evaluating companies. Google, for example, pledged $150 million to diversify its workforce in 2015 and has since doubled its workforce. However, the company has made only minimal progress in making its workforce more representative. 

There are several examples of companies that are actively involved in technology start-ups and have a diverse workforce. In the UK, technology start-ups are particularly encouraged to recruit women and people of color. These start-ups are trying to support the omegle lady zone promoting equality and improving women's rights. In addition, start-ups often benefit from the support of large corporations. For example, a minority-owned business has a greater chance of success than a white company.

Tech companies can play an important role in addressing systemic problems. By hiring more women, for example, they can help dismantle systemic problems. The first step in dismantling systemic biases is to address the causes of bias and build a diverse team. While companies can't change society overnight, they can contribute to the process of promoting technology start-ups and achieving greater success in the future.

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