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AINL FRUCT: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Conference


The 5th conference on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language invites everybody interested in intellectual technologies, both from academic institutes and innovative companies. The conference aimed to bring together experts in the areas of language processing, speech technologies, dialogue systems, information retrieval, artificial intelligence and robotics; to create a platform for sharing experience, extending contacts and searching for possible collaboration.

The official language of the conference is English.

The AINL conference series has been organised since 2012 and has developed a set of distinctive features:
– a strong practical focus: industrial talks and product demonstrations is an essential part of the conference program;
– an interactive component: the conference programs includes a number of workshops and panel discussions, as well as poster session and other interactive forms
– an encouraging attitude towards students and researchers on the early stage of career.

All together, this makes AINL a nice get-together opportunity.

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